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Alpamys School’s Psychological Service team strives to create a supportive and supportive educational environment for all students. We believe that psychological well-being plays a key role in successful learning and personal development, so we are ready to provide qualified assistance and support in various aspects of our students’ lives. The Alpamys School psychological service consists of the Deputy director for educational work, educational psychologists. Classroom teachers, subject teachers, and medical workers participate in the process of psychological and pedagogical support for students and interact with parents in accordance with their official duties.



Educational psychologist

08:00 - 18:00

Satbayeva Nursultan Akbotaevna

Educational psychologist

09:00 - 18:00

Goals and objectives

Support for emotional well-being: We strive to create a safe environment where students can freely express their emotions, share experiences and find support.

Development of social skills: Our work is aimed at helping students strengthen relationships with others, develop communication skills and effective teamwork.

The identification of difficulties in learning, development and upbringing of students is ensured through observation, interviews, diagnostics, as well as oral or written requests from students and parents.

Psychological adaptation: We help new students easily adapt to a new school environment, as well as support those who face life changes.

The activities of the psychological service are carried out taking into account:

compliance with professional ethics;

respect for the child’s personality;

individual and age characteristics of students;

confidentiality of information with respect for the rights and interests of the child;

Psychological safety. What you need to know

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Regulations on the psychological service

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Bullying Prevention Policy

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Areas of work


We carry out diagnostic work both individually and in groups. We carry out research – assessment of the emotional state of students, analysis of intellectual and cognitive abilities, as well as the study of personal characteristics and behavioral trends.


Our work is aimed at stimulating personal growth and self-determination of students.

We offer individual consultations where we are ready to meet with students in person to discuss issues, find solutions to problems and overcome stress.


We analyze the results of social, psychological and pedagogical support, and create recommendations for its improvement. Psychologists conduct seminars, trainings and consultations on the use of appropriate technologies to support students.


We also actively interact with parents, providing them with recommendations and advice on parenting and child support.


If you are a schoolboy

• And you are being abused at home or school…

• If you are bullied, humiliated by peers or adults…

• If you are bullied or blackmailed, money or things are taken away…

• If it seems to you that the whole world is against you…

• If you can’t figure out yourself and your feelings…

• If you feel like you’re all alone…

If you are a parent

And you have doubts, difficulties, worries or concerns about your child’s development, academic performance, as well as in matters of relationships with children or adults, and if you are faced with an important choice, we invite you to seek advice from specialists of the school psychological service.

Our psychologists are ready to provide you with qualified support, help in solving difficulties and creating a favorable space for your emotional well-being. Together we will be able to overcome challenges and – together we will create a supportive and harmonious educational environment!

Work schedule

The school’s psychological service is available to students, their parents and teachers from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

In case of urgent situations, consultations are provided after hours on calls to the Helpline.

The school's helpline


+7 707 851 7773

Astana, Kabanbai batyr
49\2 «Alpamys school»

National Helpline for Children and Youth

NATIONAL HELPLINE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH No.150 psychological assistance around the clock

EMERGENCY SERVICE 111 CONTACT CENTER for Family, Women, and Child Rights Protection

Online consultations

Individual and group consultations online on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp platforms on topics –

• Psychology of the child’s age characteristics
• Working with hyperactive children
• Common mistakes in child rearing
• Interpersonal relationships of adolescents.
• How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence