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At Alpamys school, we attach special importance to taking care of the health of our students. Our School Medical Service is a reliable place where children are under the watchful supervision of experienced medical professionals and receive timely medical care.

The health of the student is our priority!

Procedures: Pediatrician’s appointments and medical procedures are carried out in specially equipped rooms equipped with modern furniture, measuring instruments, tools and consumables.

Temporary isolation: The safety of all our students is important to us. The temporary isolation room is equipped with the necessary furniture and medicines for effective care of the sick.


Zharylgapova Arailym Maratovna


09:00 - 18:00

Alimkulova Aigul Zhakanovna

nurse, dietitian

07:00 - 16:00

Kozybayeva Zauresh Tyulegenovna


09:00 - 18:00

In the year 2024, the School Medical Service successfully passed the licensing procedure, having received a permit for medical activities. The license confirms our commitment to provide high-quality and safe medical care.

Assistance in ensuring the health of schoolchildren is provided by the polyclinic, to which our school belongs geographically.

The field of activity

At Alpamys School, we not only provide medical care, but also actively work to maintain and strengthen the health of our students. Our efforts in this direction cover several key aspects.

The medical staff of the school conducts regular activities to promote a healthy lifestyle aimed at strengthening the physical and mental well-being of students. We involve parents and teachers in this process by organizing educational and awareness-raising events.

Our medical staff conducts first aid training activities, providing students and teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills. These classes are designed to prepare students for action in case of emergency situations before the arrival of an ambulance team.

The Medical Service follows the National Vaccination Calendar, developing a schedule of preventive vaccinations and vaccinations. Preventive medical examinations are carried out regularly with the participation of polyclinic specialists, which makes it possible to identify and prevent potential problems at the earliest stage.

Our medical staff is ready to provide emergency medical care in emergency situations, acute conditions, exacerbations of chronic diseases and injuries. In case of a threat to the life and health of a child, we are ready to take urgent measures without parental consent, adhering to the principle of urgency and urgency.

Rules for students visiting the school medical service

1. Students have the right to visit the school medical center in the following cases:

• If you feel unwell.
• In case of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
• In case of injuries and poisoning, regardless of where they were received (on the way to school, on school grounds, in class, at recess, while participating in an event, etc.).

2. Students have the right to visit the school medical center without waiting for the end of the lesson, events, having previously informed the teacher, class teacher, head of the circle, section, and in emergency cases without prior notification of the teacher, class teacher, head of the circle, section.


3. Students have the right to receive the following medical services when visiting a school medical center:

• Receive first aid.
• Measure your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight, and height of your body.
• Consult about ways to improve your health, about a healthy lifestyle.

4. Upon receiving medical care, students are required to inform the medical center employee:

• About changes in the state of your health.
• About the peculiarities of their health: the presence of chronic diseases, previous illnesses, allergies to food and other substances,
• medications, the inadmissibility (intolerance) of the use of certain medications, a health group for physical education.


5. When visiting the medical center, students are required to:

Follow the instructions of the medical center employee in a timely manner and in full.


6. After visiting the medical center, the student must:

• Report to the teacher, the class teacher, the head of the club, the section on the results of the visit to the medical center.
• Follow the instructions of the medical center employee in full and on time (stop classes; arrive home; arrive at the hospital to a specialist doctor or other medical institution).


7. Upon arrival at home, the student must:

Tell your parents about visiting the medical center and about the medical care received there (the name of the medications taken and their quantity).

Inform about the need to visit a specialist doctor, if such an instruction was given by a medical service employee.

• Inform about the need for the student’s parent to arrive at the school’s medical center, if such an instruction was given by an employee of the medical center.

Updates on student health information

At the beginning of each quarter, it is important for our medical team to know whether students have received any medical care during the holidays and whether they are taking any new medications upon returning to school.

Dear parents! If your son or daughter has received any treatment or medications, send an email to the school’s medical service with detailed information.

If your child is ill, please do not return him/her to school until he/she has fully recovered.

In case of fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting, your child should not return to school until 48 hours after the last attack.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Alpamys school Medical Service.

Contact the Medical Service. Email address: