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The mission of the school

Create an inspiring educational space where every student can maximize their potential and take on the challenges of the world from the perspective of responsible citizens.

The school motto

To anticipate and anticipate, today and now

The school actively strives to use all available resources to embody its motto: “To anticipate and get ahead, today and now.” We strive for harmony between the past, present and future so that our students become not only successful leaders, but also see new opportunities where others see challenges. Our goal is to follow the times, anticipate their course, stay ahead of events and flexibly respond to the challenges of our time.


Alpamys school is a unique community of children, parents and educators, where different cultures come together in order to ensure the comprehensive development of the child.

The four principles of global citizenship, realized and embodied in Alpamys school, are woven into the processes of education and upbringing:

  • Acceptance of all people;
  • Helping those in need;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Service for peace;

Our values


At Alpamys School, we inspire our students to become responsible individuals capable of making positive changes in the world around them. We teach you to be responsible for your actions and deeds, to be aware of their impact. Our school develops self-awareness and a willingness to contribute to the common good. Being responsible is not just a duty, but also a key element in building a strong character and civic position.


At Alpamys School, we call for respect for the national Kazakh culture, history and traditions not only of our own, but also of other peoples. We strive to foster understanding and tolerance of diversity by encouraging respect for a variety of cultures and points of view. In addition, we attach importance to respect for nature. Respect for oneself, cultural heritage and nature is an integral part of the values that we instill in our students.


At Alpamys School, we attach great importance to honesty not only in relation to ourselves, but also to others. We teach our students to take responsibility for their actions and be sincere in communication. An important part of learning is the ability to learn from your own mistakes and strive to correct them. At Alpamys School, we not only form knowledge, but also develop values that will help our students become honest, open and responsible individuals in their relationships and life in general.


At Alpamys School, we not only provide knowledge, but also form future leaders. Our students learn to be proactive, set clear goals and set priorities correctly. We strive to develop real leadership skills in every student. At Alpamys School, leadership is not just a set of skills, but a lifestyle that we introduce into our students so that they can successfully realize their potential and make changes in the world around them.


Tolerance is one of the key values of Alpamys School. We urge you to learn to appreciate and respect the diversity of individuals, to take into account the feelings, desires, rights and traditions of each person. We encourage the ability to enjoy equal rights and freedoms without violating the rights and freedoms of others. At Alpamys School, we strive to create a tolerant educational environment where everyone can reach their potential, regardless of their unique characteristics.


Well–being is an integral goal of Alpamys School, where conditions are created for comfortable learning and self-development. Health care, the search for positive emotions, and a sense of psychological comfort play an important role in our school. We maintain a confident outlook on the future, helping students to form a positive attitude, harmonious relationships with loved ones, others and the pursuit of personal goals.

Openness (Transparency)

Alpamys School is an open school, so transparency has a special place in its information policy. We strive to ensure the availability of information about the school's goals, implementation processes and results achieved by maintaining extensive contacts with the public. At our school, every student is inspired to be brave and open to new opportunities. We encourage active participation and the exchange of ideas, creating an environment where transparency helps to unlock the potential of each student.

Alpamys – A World of Possibilities

Alpamys School offers a safe, supportive environment based on mutual respect and love of learning. Our school is a full-time school that allows students to develop in a variety of fields.


Alpamys School provides children with a safe, cozy and comfortable educational space.

Total area of the school: 28500 м²

  • Security system and access control
  • 3 gyms
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Climbing wall
  • Subject rooms and educational laboratories
  • Library
  • Assembly hall with a capacity of 420 spectators
  • Dining room with 700 seats
  • Medical service.
  • Psychological service.
  • Hub – platforms for the development of engineering and technical skills, as well as support for creative projects


Alpamys School teachers strive to effectively use modern pedagogical approaches aimed at maintaining the physical and emotional state of students, taking into account their interests and individual characteristics.

The school offers:

  • A competence-based approach aimed at the formation of functional literacy.
  • A problem-oriented approach for learning from the perspective of solving real problems, research and projects.
  • A STEM/STEAM approach that develops engineering and technical knowledge and applied art.
  • Individual lessons focused on the needs of students.


At Alpamys School, every student will be able to find something to their liking, try themselves in various fields, discover and develop their inclinations and talents.

The school offers:

  • More than 20 clubs and clubs: choreography, robotics, pottery, 3D modeling, woodworking, painting.
  • Classes in team and individual sports: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, karate, gymnastics, chess, rock climbing, lawn tennis.
  • Vocal and instrument lessons: dombra, piano, cajon, Melodica ensemble.
  • Creative contests and festivals, sports events.

Dear friends!

Alpamys School strives to create the most comfortable learning environment.

Our school employs professionals, ambitious teachers, focused on high results, ready to help and support every child, ready to learn for our little Alpamys, together with them and from them.

We are always open for constructive dialogue and cooperation!

We invite you to participate in the discussion of issues of school and extracurricular life, education and upbringing.

Sincerely, the director of the school

Zhakenov Meiram Amirzhanovich

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